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EssayBroker: How to Order Papers from Us?

When you have to write a paper yourself, there are so many things you should do. First, you need to read the instructions carefully and grasp the main points. Second, you should do an extensive research, digging deep into the books and journals. Third, you are expected to compose a structured and well-thought piece. And this is not all! You will have to reread it for a couple of times and make corrections. Still, no matter how many edits you make, there are no guarantees that your work will bring you a desired result.

There is a better option – order your paper from EssayBroker! Instead of pushing yourself to do every step described above, you are welcome to get your tasks done in an easier way. Here is how:

  • Visit our website and press Order Now button

You will find this button at every page of our site! When you do press it, you will see an Order Form. There are various points to fill out there. Everything is straightforward: include your paper’s type, topic, subject, length, and other details. This will give your writer a broad picture of what you need. Next, you should add some details. Do you have any special requests, guidelines or ideas? Express them in Comments field and your writer will take them into consideration. Also, you are welcome to upload some files along with your order or after registration. These might be your text books, class notes, tutor’s recommendations, or anything you find helpful.

  • Use your card to make a payment

Now you should make a payment with the help of a credit card. Your MasterCard, PayPal, Amex or Discover will pass! Make a fast and secure payment and we will find a writer for you immediately.

  • The process starts

Now your paper is in the most reliable hands of a hardworking subject expert. If you want to have a rest and free your mind from any thoughts related to homework – you are welcome. Also, you have an opportunity to contact your writer, track the progress, and control the process entirely.

  • Get your paper

Hooray, your paper is done! Get a preview version first, then confirm it, and get a final one. A preview version is a .jpg file that cannot be downloaded until you agree that your paper satisfies you. If you believe that everything is okay, we will send you an editable .doc version right away.

  • Revisions (optional)

You have a right to request a revision right after delivery if your paper doesn’t satisfy you. What is more, there are 14 days of free revisions, so if you can request one later. We provide free revisions only if your initial recommendations were not followed. Be aware that if your writer did everything correctly and you want to change the original instructions, you will have to pay for amendments or place a new order.